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About Le Blé

One name, two different meanings. Μπλε (meaning blue in Greek), is a tribute to the colour of the Mediterranean sea, where the founders of Le Blé come from. It also means wheat in French, one of the most basic ingredients for many of our products.

We are not just another bakery. Le Blé is a journey to the Mediterranean tastes and the art of coffee. An experience full of freshly-baked goods, made with the authentic Mediterranean recipes. An incredible journey to the tastes of the Mediterranean starts here.

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“Our food should be our medicine. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


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Our goal is to take our clients into a unique trip of gastronomy, presenting traditional tastes from around the Mediterranean. Flavours and smells from Greece, Italy, France, Turkey and Lebanon blend together to create an all-sense experience.

Why Le Blé?

Because Latte is Art

Being coffee lovers ourselves, we make sure that every cup of coffee we serve is a piece of art, from temperature to texture, from bean to cup.

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Because Everything is Always Fresh

We guarantee our products quality and freshness. We are so sure about this, if it’s not fresh, we’ll give it to you for free.

Because we are socially responsible
We help charities by giving away products and supporting our local community any way possible, with all our strength.
Because we Award Loyalty
With our next gen loyalty program, we award our returning customers with free products, perks and incentives.
Because we are Techies
Our mobile application, our “skip the queue” program, our automated awards system, make us unique and your life easier.

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