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The most valuable jewel on our ethics crown is loyalty in every aspect of our business. We are loyal to our team members and suppliers because they are the best, therefore we give strong incentives to our clients to do the same!

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Loyalty Club


We offer automatic 15% discount for all students once they apply. Special offers for breakfast, lunch and birthday cake options are also available.

NHS Workers

We truly appreciate the essential workers contribution, especially during the past couple of years. Thus we offer 15% discount and priority to NHS pre-orders.


Ordering for your team or company? Apply for our corporate membership option and enjoy free delivery on all orders, skip the queue benefits and 20% discounts on all pre-orders,


If you make it this far, you already love us, so do we. To show our love, we create personalised plans to accomodate every need and make your life even tastier!

Join our Loyalty club today!